By becoming a part of our system, you can be self-assured that you have made the right decision and that your business is in safe hands. Falconhouse Grammar School offers administrative, managerial, marketing support, a centralized curriculum, latest technology to connect on web, minimum set-up costs and pre-operational expenses and much more to make it easier for setting up a profitable venture.


Quality Curriculum and Academic Support, complete English medium curriculum matched with our country & religion framework, which has produced excellent results in the country.

Location Approval

The selection of specific location is reviewed and approved by Falconhouse Grammar School and is subject to joint agreement.

School / Campus Design

Campus needs to be set according to Falconhouse Grammar School scheme as this certifies a certain standard required for learning with best budget.

Continuous Professional Development Programmes

We offer teacher training programmes designed with the best and innovative teaching approaches, methods and techniques. Also included are sessions and workshops for the administration.

Central Purchasing

A central system is in place for purchasing of different items like stationery and uniforms. This system ensures meeting a definite standard and uniformity across all campuses.

Quality Curriculum & Academic Support

Complete English medium curriculum based on our values and religious framework, which has produced best results in the country. Academics Department provide support with complete Curriculum.